Integrative Therapy Philosophy

Integrative therapy is more than just wellness hype. This wellness thrust has evolved through the years and is now seeking to get into the practice of western medicine and find ways to contribute to its many facets, ensuring that health care initiatives are optimized and improved over time. REV22 is moving towards this integration, training its eyes on Asia as it pursues this new direction. The need to complement modern medicine with alternative remedies is not only logical but also practical.  Although life expectancy has risen dramatically in the past 100 years, the experience of healing is not close to ideal. Recovering from cancer and other degenerative diseases is as hard as it can get. And western medicine can only do so much. The good news is that there is a willing counterpart in making sure that health care improves – natural, integrative therapies. The call for changes on how patients are cared for is indeed necessary. And REV22 understands this necessity very well.

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REV22 and integrative therapy

REV22 is a wellness company that focuses on designing and producing effective wellness products. REV22 make use of breakthrough nanotechnology in providing health solutions that work to the cellular level. It also provides services that deal with common wellness issues in today’s society. Its new drive is to integrate its products and services to western medicine – breaking out REV22’s wellness expertise into mainstream health care. REV22 seeks to improve existing patient care protocols to better serve the patient, and not just address the disease. This is the very core of integrative therapy, finding ways to improve people’s lives on multiple levels – body, soul, and spirit.

REV22 and its integrative therapy strategy

REV22 seeks to develop its natural therapy integration program in Singapore, and to make it the hub for its integrative program in Asia. Singapore will also be the “epicenter” of socio-spiritual events that REV22 will be hosting in the coming years. These events cover natural pain management talks, parenting workshops, sessions on how to beat sleeping problems, timely talks about improving the immune system, and even purely social events. This expansive program is intended to reach the whole of Asia and in the process create integrative therapy awareness comparable to what is currently seen in the west.

REV22 and its integrative therapy program details

It is easy to talk about western medicine integration but getting into the specifics can be very tricky. So how will REV22 get into the nitty-gritty stuff of things? Its integration plan includes the introduction of other forms of alternative remedies like yoga, aromatherapy, pulsar therapy, and hypnotherapy. The integration does not only stop there. REV22 will also be introducing its line of breakthrough wellness products that can complement these alternative remedies. These multipronged approaches do not only seek to see changes today but aims to instill improvement on this field in the long–term.

The adoption of integrative therapy into the current practices of western medicine can be an advocacy within the health care industry. This can provide a new paradigm for everybody involved in approaching existing blunders in effective and efficient patient care. REV22 wish to be part of this modern health care initiative and it believes that the best time to start is now.