Our Story


The Heart and Soul of REV22

Since Rev 22 was founded on 7 June 2010, the technological leap it has provided for the whole wellness and health care industry has changed how people see their bodies and their health. The body has a tipping point and can get vulnerable to abuse over time. When it starts to deteriorate you have limited chances to restore it and live your life to the fullest. REV22 sees itself as a viable solution to the poor condition of human health today.

Where good health starts

The body is maintained by its bloodstream, the body’s “river of life”. This life-giving channel maintains the health of each cell in the body. When you understand the role of your continually flowing bloodstream you will also come to appreciate REV22’s breakthrough health technology. REV22 products restore your body to its basic, default “configuration”. By maximizing nanotechnology, an efficient delivery system for negative ions, alpha waves, and far infrared rays. These can promote cellular restoration, resulting in holistic health rejuvenation.

Where integrative therapy begins

REV22 aims to improve your health through invigorating the “river of life”, your blood. But it does not stop there. It understands the intricacies of wellness and that is why it is also inclined to integrative therapies. In fact its unique products are specially made to complement other wellness activities such as yoga and meditation, physical therapy and rehabilitation, bio feed backing, and holistic nutrition. With these in one’s wellness loop, optimal health is possible. This is a REV22 core belief.

Where it all converges

REV22 keeps a spacious sanctuary in the form of a health rejuvenation center only a stone’s throw away from Chinatown MRT station. It has a reception area, a consultation room, and a therapy area. The center also hosts myriad integrative therapy sessions with talks on getting better sleep, pain management, parenting issues and inputs, and more.

  • Mission

    To help people sleep well, wake up recharged and free from discomforts.
    The River of Life
  • Vision

    A World Full Of Healthy & Wealthy People.

  • The Prophesy


    • Date drawn: November 2006
    • Nature of art - Backdrop for Intergenerational Beach Party 2006, Wheelchair Makeover competition
    • Art medium - Paint on corrugated cardboard using wooden broom stick
    • Name of artist - Adam Thomas Ong
    • Name of arts - Dot, Dot, Dot is God's


    Prophetic Art 1:

    Ark floating in stormy sea
    • Ark - Rev 22 business
    • Stormy Sea - Rev 22 business in year 2011 (stormy experience)


    Prophetic Art 2:

    Calm Sea and Dot, Dot, Dot is God's
    • Dots - Blood cells
    • Left hand side "torn" cardboard - Brokenness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial)
    • Right hand side "patched up" cardboard - Healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial). The brokenness on the right is our human weakness that we need to stay close and have faith in God.
    • Middle pathway - Crucified Jesus with head looking down
  • Rev 22 Corporate Song


    The River of Life - Composed by Maguerite Mclean

    For YOU …. for Me ………. for ALL to be
    Let go…..Let God ….reveal and see
    River of Life comes from the source
    Restoring us to good health

    His endless LOVE perpetually flows
    If we go back to our basic needs –
    To rest and restore
    Love can do much more! (Instrumental)

    Our healing power -a gift!
    Of Love from heaven above!
    His holy hand perpetually stretched…..
    An endless string of gifts for us….
    To reach out and pour…
    To reach out and pour!

    Love’s endless gifts of rest for us
    Brings sunrise, waterfalls.
    Love is so generous!
    Nature’s healing powers!
    No conditions!
    God is my Friend ….
    My Fri-end!
    He gives us Lo-ve!